Christmas Set  

     This year we have for our customers a Christmas set in red.
     A nice pendant
in stainless steel with a stone in Trilliantcut.
The tension ring in unique Déco Art design.
    Available colors are love, mint, nude, lotus, ocean, cherry,
    pistachio and ice.

  Jewelry for Rocía Carranza  

   A jewelry set from Déco Art was given to Rocío Carranza in
   She visited Germany to present her new movie "El Compromiso".
   As a part of the Costa Rican Film Festival, directed by
   Oscar Castillo, the film had European premiere.

  vario 4 leather bracelet  

   Vario 4 system with rubber strap or 10 different leather color.
   Smart casual, threefold wrapped with many decorative elements
   in stainless steel. They are equipped with magnet system.

   The elements are on the website under collection - catalog 2011.
   All kinds vario 6 in stainless steel you can also get in vario 4.  

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